With the recent introduction of GDPR many schools are feeling the pressure of adhering to the new data protection laws. Even something as simple as the traditional visitor book is causing concern as to whether schools are violating the regulations.



SECOM’s InVentry system can help resolve some of this pressure and put mind’s at ease – Our Visitor Management and Safeguarding Solutions package means you can wave goodbye to manual visitor sign-in books and tick sheets and instead track and monitor all visitors in the school in seconds, keeping your school safe whilst also being GDPR compliant.

GDPR is highly focused on being able to prove compliance, with InVentry all details entered into the system are in your control and the system allows you to choose what information is captured and how it is managed. By moving from manual sign in books to a SECOM InVentry system, your visitors will be able to sign themselves in in privacy and their information will not be laid out for any future visitors to see.

InVentry is incredibly simple to use, just follow the instructions on the screen to sign in in seconds. The system also features a ‘quick pick’ option, which allows even quicker sign in for regular visitors who will be able to pick their name from a dropdown menu as they start to type their name. When a visitor first enters their details they will be asked whether they would like this option to be available to them in the future and if they are happy for their details to be displayed in this way. The data collected in this process is also only retained for a set period of time agreed by your school. Your school can also pre-register visitors into the system. The sign in process will also take a picture which, with the consent of the visitor, can be used to recognise the individual at future visits for extra safety.

Data storage in schools

You may be worried about the safety and security of the data held by your InVentry system but don’t worry, the system installed onto the computer is encrypted at the 256bit AES industry standard.

SECOM InVentry also offers additional services such as ID Badge Making, which allows staff and visitors to sign in with the swipe of a barcode and InVentry Anywhere which offers remote sign-in and enables visitor registration during evacuation. In the event of an evacuation, the app can be accessed whilst outside the building and displays all information needed to identify and register visitors at the evacuation site, enabling a quick and safe identification process in the event of an emergency.

Any data stored on the system is completely in your control, meaning that you will be able to state what is taken, what it is used for and who it is given to making it easy to map the data and let your staff and visitors know exactly what it is being used for.

Now with over 4,000 schools using the system, InVentry speeds up the sign in process, keeps identity information secure and GDPR compliant, thus leaving schools feeling confident that their students and staff are safe.

You can find out more about our SECOM’s InVentry system here.