It is vital that children and staff are able to feel safe in their school or college and electronic security solutions provided by SECOM can help to ensure this is the case, providing a calm, secure environment for students to learn and teachers teach with minimal disruptions.

SECOM designs, installs and monitors CCTV systems for schools, providing continuous on-site monitoring and recording through each camera during school hours. When the institution is closed, operators are able to control the cameras at SECOM’s 24-hour remote video monitoring response centre, spotting any unwelcome intruders and using a loudspeaker system to ward them off and notifying the police where necessary. This provides an excellent deterrent against vandalism or theft of school property.

Intruder Alarm & CCTV Systems for schools

Unauthorised access is a challenge for any organisation, but those in the educational sector face a particular responsibility to keep students safe and ensure that staff have the confidence of working in a secure environment. Our fully integrated intruder detection technology is an ideal way of protecting your school or college around the clock, and are continuously monitored to give your premises and those within it the greatest protection possible.

As well as protecting staff and pupils from physical and verbal harm, it is also important to safeguard against theft and vandalism; after all a school or college is a business that has financial demands to meet, just like any other. Experts in security solutions, we can design, install and maintain CCTV systems for schools and colleges, all providing high quality images and footage.

Controlling access to schools

SECOM’s Visitor Management system been specifically designed for education clients and help schools and colleges meet the increasingly demanding requirements on safeguarding. The technology integrates with the SIMS database and other management information systems and is accredited with SIMS Technical Partner approval. InVentry visitor management systems utilise the latest technology and are packed with the latest useful, practical functionality in order to provide an easy to use, complete solution.

School Security & GDPR

With the recent introduction of GDPR many schools are feeling the pressure of adhering to the new data protection laws. Even something as simple as the traditional visitor book is causing concern as to whether schools are violating the regulations. Implementing a Visitor Management and Safeguarding solution can help you navigate the tricky world of data protection.

You can read more about InVentry and GDPR considerations for schools here.