Rail transport has changed a great deal in the last few years, yet security in many cases has not caught up. Passengers find themselves feeling vulnerable at train stations that operate without staff, while a great deal of crime that takes place on the trains themselves goes unnoticed.

Luckily, SECOM has plenty of experience providing the transport sector with innovative, integrated security systems that deal with many of the issues modern rail travel faces. We provide transport security for many of the UK’s train operators and Community Rail Partnership organisations, offering you the solutions you need to prevent crime and keep your passengers safe.

Improving The Safety Of Unstaffed Train Stations

Increases in technology have made staff at train stations less essential, with passengers able to buy tickets online or through automated machines. However, this means that there may not be any employees around should a crime occur. This makes unfortunate incidents like vandalism more common.

In order to prevent this, you must invest properly in station security. SECOM can help you with this. We have designed and installed monitored CCTV systems at many unstaffed train stations across the UK, improving safety and public confidence in the facilities while also reducing vandalism.

Reducing Fare Evasion And Transport Crime

With fewer staff working in train stations, more and more people have tried to push their luck and travel by rail without paying for a ticket. This crime can easily be caught, however, with the latest integrated security solutions from SECOM.

Working closely with the British Transport Police, we have installed state-of-the-art CCTV systems in several major train stations to aid the prevention of fare evasion. This also provides a deterrent for other types of transport crime, as people become more aware that any illegal behaviour will be caught and prosecuted.

SECOM's Experience In Providing Rail Security

Any kind of engineering work that takes place on an active railway is going to be challenging, but at SECOM we have been able to rise to the occasion many times. We are aware of the risks that installing security systems can incur, and are well-equipped to avoid them.

Such installations involve very strict health and safety requirements, as our engineers have to be safe at all times and work at night to avoid blocking peak passenger movements. They also have to work to engineering standards that meet with Network Rail’s stringent requirements. We have plenty of experience in this field, ensuring we do not disrupt activity at the stations in question.


Our Security Solutions For Rail

Intruder alarms

Unauthorised access is a challenge for any commercial business, but there is a particular focus, especially from the media, on the security of rail stations. In light of this, sometimes crimes that take place on train themselves can slip under the radar. You have a duty to protect both staff and customers from the moment they enter your premises to the moment you leave, and our fully integrated intruder detection technology can help you do this. Our wireless transport intruder alarms are also continuously monitored to provide you with the best protection possible.


Threats to the security of your station, its staff and customers can come in many forms. As well as the obvious attention that surrounds issues like terrorism, it’s important to consider other potential problems such as vandalism, theft, and abuse towards staff, particularly late at night. We have been designing, installing and maintain transport CCTV systems for 30 years, and can apply our expertise to offering CCTV surveillance cameras that are perfectly suited to your business. We also work closely with the British Transport police to ensure our transport CCTV cameras always offer high-quality images and footage, all of which can be installed by professional engineers.

Access Controls

With such stringent health and safety requirements to meet, it’s imperative to ensure that your station is always a safe environment for your employees and customers. As more and more stations replace staff with technology such as ticket machines, there is a need for a more advanced level of security. SECOM’s transport access control systems are an ideal way of making sure that only authorised personnel have access to restricted areas of your building. We can help you select a suitable access control system that meets the needs of your station, often working through the night to cause as little disruption as possible.