As a retail business owner, there is nothing worse than having to deal with theft and security breach. No matter your location or your products, if you are in retail you stand a chance of having to come face to face with crime at one point or another. Despite that being a rather discomforting thought for those whose passions lie in owning a business, the retail sector can take comfort from a number of advanced security developments that have been made in recent years.

Here are just three high-tech security solutions that have developed in recent years that are guaranteed to impress, regardless of sector.

Video Analytics

In the past, the finger was often pointed at CCTV security for its lack of preventative qualities. Sure, businesses could carefully review footage to see where crimes and security breaches occurred, but this left many simply feeling that CCTV was a ‘too little, too late’ security measure. However, with huge advancements in megapixel technology and the incorporation of video analytics, CCTV security has changed for good.

With a video analytics system in place, businesses can use their CCTV system as a real-time monitoring system and an intruder alarm. The analytics system means that the camera can memorise the environment and understand relevant changes. It can recognise the shape of a human and can even identify suspicious behaviour such as loitering. The surveillance system can then send an alert to a remote monitoring system, where audio challenges can be sounded and relevant authorities can be called. Video analytics can even comprehend when a suspicious package has been left in an unusual environment.

The intelligence of this system is complemented by the progression that has been made in megapixel technology. Pixels in modern IP security cameras are now so densely packed that one camera could cover half a football stadium and pick out a single individual in high definition. This means that fewer cameras are needed, but the protection of retailers in enhanced significantly. A huge development for retail and leisure sectors alike.

Fingerprint Scanners

Access control has been a long standing concern in the retail industry. Stock rooms and warehouses filled with valuable products need to be protected from unwanted access. Although the concept of biometrics has been around for a number of years, it is only recently have fingerprint scanners have become cost-effective and user-friendly product for retailers.

Fingerprint access control can be installed into any store or warehouse to grant access to authorised personnel. Not only that, but the systems now use deep-vein technology to ensure they are scanning a living finger by checking there is pulse running through the veins of the finger. This prevents fingerprint replicas being used to gain access into secure areas. So, when it comes to securing your products, you can rest assured that fingerprint scanning technology will keep your stock thoroughly protected.

Retina Scanners

As if deep-vein fingerprint scanning wasn’t impressive enough, security technology is now moving towards getting biometric scanning to operate from a distance. A perfect example of this is retina scanning. For retailers operating large department stores or warehouses, this technology will revolutionise the way security systems operate.

It is an aim for many business owners to ensure that their store does is not so focused on security that the atmosphere appears unwelcoming. Heavily locked doors and intense physical security can be off putting to customers. With the intelligence of a retina scanning system, this will be a concern of the past. These systems can now determine whether you are an authorised member of staff and allow you access to an area, before you have even approached it.

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It is almost futuristic-style technology like this that is making retailers breathe a deep sigh of relief. As it becomes progressively easier and affordable to make the most of these modern technologies, business owners are set to see significant reductions in retail theft and loss figures. To find out more about how the latest technology in retail security can empower you, read SECOM’s latest ebook.