For retailers, having to deal with crime is one of the worst parts of the job. Whether you find out about an item being stolen when someone sets off the tagging alarm and starts running, or weeks later when you are doing a stock-take, it’s always a bad experience. Luckily, while the challenges of modern retail are becoming more elaborate, so is the technology available to deal with it.

Retail security is constantly developing in order to deal with any new challenges that might come up in the future. Rather than reacting to trends in retail crime, most new technology is one step ahead of shoplifters, putting power back in the hands of business owners. This is incredibly empowering.

Retailers now have the ability to deal with theft in ways that criminals will not anticipate. Cutting-edge security systems make it much harder for people to commit crimes in the first place, let alone get away with them undetected. Furthermore, businesses are better able to invest in new security technology, while criminals are often forced to rely on the same old methods.

Of course, companies need to understand what these new technologies are – and how to use them – before they can be truly effective. This eBook will take you through some of the biggest threats to retailers, and how effective security systems are key to empowering businesses to combat them.

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