Retail Security Solutions

Securing your retail store from intruders is vital to keeping your staff safe, stock protected and property defended. Every set of premises is different and has its own security needs, so we offer retail security systems that provide peace of mind 24/7.

Fast retail security installation with minimum disruption
Tailored to your unique business requirements
An experienced and trusted name in retail security solutions


A cloud-based CCTV image transfer and case-management system. Cut down on employee time as you transfer CCTV footage and other important documents securely.

SECOM retail innovations

Use SECOM’s innovative retail security systems post-pandemic to ensure the safety of your staff and customers.

Monitor occupancy levels in relation to the capacity of your business under safe social distancing rules

Conduct temperature screening checks and related announcements for a COVID-secure retail environment

Retail security systems
you can rely on

Here at SECOM we know how important it is for you to have a retail security system that will deter criminals without being intrusive for your customers. This means selecting the right solutions to fit the unique needs of your store, taking into account its layout, weak points and location.

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