Theaters, cinemas, pubs, clubs, restaurants and sports centres are the kinds of places people visit to relax and enjoy themselves. This means business owners must work hard to ensure customers feel safe and able to have fun with no worries. The last thing they want to be aware of is the need for security.

The leisure industry has a host of issues that other businesses don’t have to deal with, from drunk and boisterous patrons to vital equipment that could get stolen or damaged. Without effective security, your company could find itself in unwanted trouble.

Many companies choose to pay for manned security but this conflicts with your main objective: to make people feel safe and relaxed. Instead, we can provide you with unobtrusive systems that will allow your customers to have fun without worrying about any potential dangers or crime.

Security Solutions For The leisure Industry

SECOM can provide you with a wide range of integrated leisure security solutions to make sure your staff and customers are protected but your premises are still welcoming.

We can design and install an integrated security solution for all your needs. For example, if you have expensive equipment on-site – such as projectors in a cinema, or even the alcohol behind a bar – you will want to keep intruders away from it. We can provide access control systems and intruder alarms that prevent anyone from accessing the areas where these are kept.

To keep your staff and patrons safe, we also provide services such as CCTV and key response. Our security is designed in such a way as to have minimum impact upon your facilities and customers, giving you one less thing to worry about! Your customers will barely notice it is there.

Our Leisure Security Solutions

Intruder Alarms

As well as evening and weekend opening hours, the leisure industry poses a number of additional challenges when it comes to keeping employees and customers safe. For those who operate in this sector, there is pressure to provide a safe environment at all times, whilst maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. Our fully integrated intruder detection technology can help to protect your premises 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our wireless leisure intruder alarms are continuously monitored, and can be tailored to your individual business, no matter the size or location.


There are many different divisions of the leisure industry, but each face a unique set of obstacles. Whilst pubs, bars and restaurants may have to deal with alcohol-fueled behaviour, swimming pools, gyms and sports centres may have restrictions to abide by when it comes to surveillance. Whichever area you sit within, we’ve been designing, installing and maintaining leisure CCTV systems for 30 years and will be more than happy to work with you to find a solution that suits your needs. All our leisure sector CCTV cameras offer high quality images and footage and can be installed by professional and highly skilled engineers.

Access Controls

It is of paramount importance that your premises is always a safe environment, especially when serving the general public. SECOM’s access control systems are ideal, therefore, for ensuring that only authorised personnel have access to restricted areas of your property. Our experienced design team can assist you with selecting a suitable leisure access control system that suits your business. Our variety of intelligent electronic systems support the security of both small, medium and large businesses.