Security at hospitals and surgeries is a serious issue. Health care providers have the right to feel safe as they work and be able to provide medical care without risk, just as patients need to feel safe and relaxed in order to recover from illness and trauma.  SECOM provides a range of integrated hospital security features to keep both staff and patients safe; from access control and CCTV monitoring to intruder alarms and patient tagging.

Making Hospitals A Safer Place

Working as a doctor, nurse, receptionist or other professional at a medical facility can be surprisingly dangerous with an array of various situations occuring. The job might also involve dealing with incredibly sensitive items on site; both confidential patient records and more dangerous items, such as drugs and medical equipment, which are often the targets of theft. In this environment, security is absolutely essential.

Patients will need to feel safe while they recover from their injuries or illnesses, as any stress will be detrimental to the healing process. Seeing security guards everywhere will not help them in their recovery, plus staff need to be able to get on with their jobs knowing they are safe.

SECOM has the experience to advise and provide innovative electronic security systems. We will make sure your health care facility is safe and secure without making patients worried about their safety.

Security Solutions For Hospitals

Intruder Alarms

Security within the healthcare sector is paramount, whether it’s a hospital or surgery you are looking to protect. As well as creating a safe environment for professionals to work within, there is also a duty to provide patients with the utmost security. That’s why it’s important to consider the threat of unauthorised access. Our fully integrated intruder detection technology is ideal for protecting your premises 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and our wireless health sector intruder alarms are also continuously monitored to provide you with the best possible protection.


Ensuring that those in your care feel as safe as possible is vital to recovery, which is why CCTV surveillance is ideal for the health sector. As experts in CCTV security we are well-equipped to offer surveillance cameras that are right for your particular hospital or surgery. Designing, installing and maintaining healthcare CCTV systems for 30 years, we’re happy to work with you to design a system that meets the needs of your premises. Offering high quality images and footage, our CCTV surveillance will also be installed by professional engineers who understand the importance of keeping disruption to your daily practice to a minimum.

 Access controls

With confidential data and potentially dangerous drugs and medical equipment, it can be more of a challenge to keep your premises safe within the healthcare sector than in other industries. SECOM’s healthcare access control systems can help to ensure that only authorised personnel have access to restricted areas of your building. We have extensive experience within the industry and can assist you in selecting a system that works with the layout of your premises.