Personal alarms for the elderly

Personal alarms help elderly and disabled people live in their own homes for longer. They come with lots of clever features and allow the user to call for help if they suffer a fall or medical emergency. Many people ask, why not just use your phone? But the fact is, those who are susceptible to falls or medical emergencies often struggle to get to their phones in time. A personal alarm means you can raise an alarm at the press of button, letting friends, family and our monitoring team know you need help.

Personal alarms use a combination of radio transmitters and multi-network SIMs to connect you to friends and family and our 24-hour monitoring centre. They can be worn on a necklace or wristband, whichever is most comfortable for you, and are designed to be kept on your person at all times, even in the bath or shower.

When a user presses the panic button, or their alarm detects a fall, the device sends a signal to your in-home base unit, which sends a notification to your emergency contacts via the SECOM Care app. If your emergency contacts do not respond, our monitoring team will step in right away. They will know who you are, where you are calling from and any medical information you have shared with us. They will coordinate with the emergency services to make sure you receive the help you need.

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Many personal alarm services require a landline or internet connection. However, the telecoms industry is currently replacing landlines with a newer digital technology called VoIP, which has the potential to cause disruption. For this reason, our devices only use multi-network SIMs, a more advanced technology that isn’t affected by the migration to VoIP.

Whether you choose a standard personal alarm, a fall detector or GPS alarm, you will need to pay an ongoing monthly charge to rent your device and receive 24-hour monitoring.

The cost of a personal alarm with 24/7 monitoring is usually around £200 to £280 per year (excluding VAT), although this is often cheaper if you pay annually. You will also need to pay an initial one-off setup fee to cover your registration and the delivery of your device.

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