Getting your business ready for life after lockdown

Monitoring store occupancy is always important, but during a pandemic, it can’t just be left to chance.  As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to maintain a safe environment for your customers, and to make sure your staff feel shielded, secure and valued as essential workers.  It’s likely that government social distancing recommendations will be in place for the foreseeable future, and SECOM’s newly developed, Capacity Control can help you adhere to the rules, whilst operating as efficiently as possible.

More accurate than CCTV

SECOM’s Capacity Control utilises the latest 4D IR technology to accurately monitor the ow of people in and out of a premises. Fully customisable, the prominent monitor(s) displays occupancy percentages that inform customers when it is safe to enter the store and when to wait. Options include tailor-made internal/external audio customer & sta announcements, traffic light entry systems and remote notifications. Remote data analysis dashboard also available.

Instant alerts

Fully-customisable screens display alerts and warnings, letting customers know when occupancy limits are reached, and when it’s safe to enter. Not only does this ensure accurate readings, it also relieves your team of this responsibility, allowing them to focus their time doing what they do they do best.

Our intelligent staff detection technology can exclude staff from the occupancy count, and our Instant Alerts inform you and your in-store staff when occupancy thresholds are breached, allowing them to take swiftly take action to control people flow.

SECOM Announce

Alongside Capacity Control, our innovative Announce system can offer an extra level of protection, delivering intermittent social distancing and good hygiene reminders. SECOM Announce is an innovative, out-of-the-box solution for any premises that could benefit from ‘on demand’ announcements.