CCTV plus intelligence is helping to put the brakes on in-store crime and virtually eliminating the need for manned guarding – potentially slashing retailers’ costs dramatically.

This major advance in retail security follows news that police would no longer investigate shoplifting cases involving goods worth less than £200.  Collectively, such cases can knock millions off the bottom line each year. The traditional deterrent – in-store guards – is expensive if it is to be effective for large, multi-site retailers.

Working with the Co-op, Secom has pioneered an award-winning CCTV-based intelligence service that provides a fast and cost-effective means of preventing high-frequency, low-impact crimes. The service tightens the screws on habitual offenders and limits the need for manned guarding to where and when it is considered absolutely necessary.

The package of crime prevention and cost cutting is made possible through analysis of intelligence gathered from in-store CCTV cameras. Secom’s highly skilled analysts contribute to risk profiles for individual stores and compile comprehensive evidence packs that enable police to secure convictions of repeat offenders.

Intelligence also drives Secom’s ROGUES solution (Repeat Offenders Gallery Under Electronic Surveillance) which enables Control and Command Centre operators to issue an alert when known offenders are active – so staff can increase vigilance on the shop floor.

iBase Intelligence System

Behind the scenes, SECOM has a team of National Intelligence Model (NIM) trained analysts and ex-police officers employed as police investigation and communication managers who liaise with various police forces and are able to submit full evidence packs for prosecution on behalf of the customer / retailer. This in turn greatly reduces the burden on police and store colleagues. “It saves my team and I significant time now that you are providing us with full, edited CCTV continuity of offences which we can download and present to suspects for interview and at the subsequent court date, and providing statements of complaint. I believe all the positively identified offenders, in offences you reported at the stores in Sheffield have pleaded guilty, saving more time and expense to all concerned. The system certainly minimises the impact on stores and saves officers having to take staff away from their duties in store and finding staff to download the correct CCTV.” – PC Tony Nicholls, Sheffield City Retail Crime SPOC

SECOM uses the IBM I2 iBase intelligence system to enable the development of an offender information catalogue, facilitating analysis of multi-source data in a secure environment. It provides us with rich visual analysis capabilities that help to quickly turn complex sets of disparate information into high-quality, actionable intelligence and helps our analysts and others involved in intelligence analysis to build a single cohesive intelligence picture and identify, predict and prevent criminal, terrorist and fraudulent activities.



Incident Support Buttons

Incident Support Buttons in stores have two functions:

  • They allow staff to alert SECOM when they believe an incident is occurring or potentially occurring (which allows SECOM to monitor the situation and issue an audio challenge or announcement). This provides the feeling of ‘safety’ to staff if they believe an incident may occur.
  • They enable staff to ‘bookmark’ when they believe an incident has occurred. SECOM can then interrogate after the event and save the evidence and assist in the compilation of a witness statement
  • Most importantly our audio announcements have been proven to prevent 34% of incidents

ROGUES Solution

SECOM’s ROGUES solution (Repeat Offenders Gallery Under Electronic Surveillance) has been developed to allow Control and Command Centre operators to alert on-site manned guards in real time when a known unwanted individual or offender is active in the area. Once one of our operators detects a repeat offender an alert with the offenders images are sent directly to the store/store guard’s phone indicating what they are wearing at that moment in time, making them easily identifiable by store staff so action can be taken instantly.

Our ROGUES solution also helps with habitual offenders who have been found to follow regular schedules, visiting two or more stores on their rounds. Once an offender has been identified, our Control and Command operators are able to warn likely target stores so staff and guards are able to exercise maximum vigilance when the suspect arrives – possibly preventing an incident.

We are extremely proud to be the recipients of the CCTV System Of The Year Award at IFSEC’s Security and Fire Excellence Awards 2017 for our ROGUES solution. The award recognises our work with the Co-op to develop and implement an intelligence-led, 24/7 system to cut stock losses and improve in-store safety for staff and customers across the network of Co-op stores.


Retail Intelligence in action