Lone Worker

Personal tracking solution to protect employees

Lone workers are often the most vulnerable of your workforce, whether they are security guards working at night or a delivery driver travelling across the country. They can sometimes face verbal and physical abuse, environmental risks, and the possibility of falling ill whilst alone, all of which can leave them feeling unsafe. Protecting your staff is crucial to make them feel valued, secure and happier in their working environment.

SECOM Protect is an innovative solution that enables you to safeguard your lone workers. Disguised as an ID cardholder, the mobile communication device allows your staff to record audio, capture evidence of abuse and raise an alarm if necessary. When your employees use SECOMProtect they get the peace of mind they need to carry out their jobs without worry.

24/7 monitoring for worker’s peace of mind
BS8484 accredited Control and Command centre
Automatic audio recording for gathering evidence
Alert escalation to assigned contact of your choice

Raise the alarm discreetly, safely and effectively

Deliberately disguised as an ID cardholder, lone workers can rest easy knowing that assailants won’t recognise SECOMProtect as a tracking solution and, therefore, won’t try to disable the device. With the simple push of a button, your employees can discreetly raise the alarm to SECOM’s 24-hour managed Control and Command centre.

All calls are monitored by one of our dedicated operators to reassure your employees that they are not alone. Thanks to the device’s GPS capability, our response centre can determine the location of your lone workers, meaning they can direct help to them wherever they are. As a BS8484 accredited centre, our operators can bypass the 999 system and go directly to the appropriate police force, should they receive an urgent alert from one of your staff members.

Status Check Button

For added peace of mind, the Status Check provides feedback on the strength of the GSM network signal, GPS coverage and battery life. This ensures the device is always working at optimum levels.

Man Down Functionality

In the event of a lone worker being incapacitated due to a fall or an unexpected health issue, this advanced functionality detects tilting in combination with non-movement and raises an automatic Red Alert.

SECOM’s Manned Response Centre

With the press of a button, your staff can leave a short voice message for our response centre, giving contextual information about the situation they’re entering. Operators can then access this information in the event of a Red Alert.

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