Automatic Opening Vents Smoke System

High-quality automatic opening vents for improved protection

When it comes to fire safety, you can never have too much protection – especially in commercial buildings and offices, where the risks are so much greater. Our best-in-class Automatic Opening Vent Smoke Systems are designed to offer increased protection in the unlikely scenario that a fire does break out, and give your business peace of mind!

Our range of smoke vents – available in a variety of styles, mechanisms and finishes to suit your building – are designed to quickly and effectively release smoke in the event of a fire. Linked up to your internal fire detection systems, the vents will help disperse any toxic smoke from populated floors, allowing people to evacuate more safely. As the name implies, our system is totally automatic, meaning that no one is responsible for manual operation. This not only increases the downtime from an alarm being raised to the system getting to work, but it also significantly reduces the risk of human error in time-critical events.

Bespoke Automatic Opening Vents Smoke Systems to suit your business
30+ years’ experience in fire safety and security for added peace of mind
Designed and installed by SECOM’s team of experts
Seamless integration into your existing fire prevent protocols

Trusted experts in AOVs and fire protection

At SECOM, we are specialists in every aspect of fire protection, so you know when you order Automatic Opening Vents from us, you are getting quality solutions that are additive to your business. Our team of experienced experts work with you to devise the very best solution available, providing products and services that will match your site requirements and budget.

Our Automatic Opening Vents Smoke System complies with all UK industry standards, and we are registered with the FIA and are regularly inspected and approved to comply with BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) Scheme SP203.

Create a safer environment

All of our fire prevention and detection products are designed to help you create a safer space for all of your staff and customers. Our AOV systems offer cost-effective, first-class protection to suit your requirements.

On-going servicing and maintenance

After installation, our expert engineers routinely service and maintain your AOV systems to ensure they are always compliant and always working. This guarantees maximum protection for your business.

A trusted partner

SECOM has decades of experience in the security and fire safety industry. So when you work with us, you are working with an established and trusted partner who won’t let you down.

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