Fire & Life Safety

The SECOM Fire & Life Safety hub is home to a series of products and services that aid businesses in the prevention and suppression of fire related damage. As accredited specialists in every aspect of fire safety, we know all too well the catastrophic impact that an incident can cause, leaving a business and its employees in complete disarray.

Our fire safety solutions, products and services can be adapted to any business’ infrastructure to ensure optimum results. SECOM’s expert team will listen to your every requirement, offering advice on training, risk assessments, equipment and installation. We’re confident we have the right service package of fire protection measures to meet the complex needs of your business’ site and budget. What’s more, after we’ve implemented your fire safety solution, you’ll have access to 24/7 year-round support from our experienced consultants, who will be on hand for any ongoing maintenance your business may require.

Tailored Fire Safety Solution

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Products & Services

Fire alarm on a wall
Fire Detection

Choose from addressable Fire Detection Systems and Integrated Fire Zones.

A hand holding a red fire extinguisher
Fire Suppression System

Combine fire stopping installations with BSEN3 standard fire extinguishers.

An illuminated emergency exit sign
Emergency Lighting

Rapid installation and servicing for in-built battery-operated emergency lighting.

A megaphone loudspeaker attached to a ceiling
PAVA System

Design your bespoke Public Address & Voice Alarm system for incident evacuations.

A finger pushing an illuminated, red alarm button on a pannel

Implement an effective two-way emergency communication system.

An open window on a flat roof
Automatic Opening Vents Smoke System

Intuitively discard smoke and heat in a safe location with the help of our autonomous system.

Decades of market-leading experience don’t just happen by accident – SECOM has always upheld the highest standards of fire safety. We’re registered on the BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) Scheme SP203 and regularly undergo inspections to ensure we’re on top of the latest legislation and developments within the industry. We are also fully FIA accredited.

These accreditations mean we’re one of the few companies permitted to design, install, commission, handover, maintain and verify fire safety, detection and alarm systems nationwide. And we’re not satisfied just yet, we’re continually developing new Fire & Life Safety services to further protect our customers at our state-of-the-art Physical Division in Maidstone, Kent. If you’d like to speak to an expert member of our team on how SECOM can enhance your business’ fire safety policies, click the button below to receive a free quote.

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