SECOM offer an extensive range of Security Grilles to help protect your premises and stock, and to discourage smash and grab raids, robbery, and ram-raids. Each grille is tailor made to meet your particular requirement and come in a variety of finishes.

Made to Measure Security Grilles

Ideal for the protection of goods and premises, grilles are commonly an important aspect of many integrated security solutions. At SECOM, we ensure they are made to measure for doors and windows and provide them in a variety of colours and styles, including fixed and collapsible.

The picture on the right demonstrates our electronic SECOM grilles that allow shop windows to still showcase their goods whilst closed.

American Portcullis Security Grilles

American Portcullis Grilles are one of the most popular physical protection products, providing a very real physical presence either internally or externally, despite their ‘open’ look and feel..

These grilles are manufactured from 6mm bright steel rods and covered with aluminium tubes and vertical aluminium links. They can be operated electronically, or manually with the assistance of a spring-balanced loader.

Collapsible Gates

SECOM’s collapsible gates provide property with a robust physical barrier whilst being easy on the eye and blend in with the décor of the home. In case of fire, they can be easily opened to provide a quick escape. Our gates are custom-made to suit both doors and windows and are secured by high security gate locks.

Collapsible Gates can provide complete peace of mind. An industrial-strength physical barrier that is very easy on the eye – unobtrusively blending in with the décor at home or in the office. Concealed when not in use, offering quick escape in case of fire.

SECOM Physical Protection Division

In addition SECOM offer a full range of bespoke security doors, panic rooms and commercial steel doors. We utilise state of the art 3D design and Auto CAD technology to produce your drawings designed and made to exact standards. Contact us for further inofrmation.