SECOM Plc provide a complete design, installation and maintenance service for the latest innovations in both wired and wireless Nurse Call System technology. We offer a variety of systems to suit everything from the smallest household to large residential care homes and acute care hospitals, with our wireless system being fully compliant with the requirements of HTM 0803.

We work closely with you to understand the unique nurse call needs of your care facility and provide a tailored nurse call solution that allows residents to feel safe.

Our cloud reporting system data can aid you in your role of managing a safe and efficient healthcare environment, providing invaluable information on call type, response times and frequency, thus allowing informed resource planning decisions to be taken.

Offering a range of solutions that are dedicated to meeting the demands of today’s healthcare environment – both in the private and public sector – we focus on the safety and integrity of our nurse call systems.

Wired or Wireless

SECOM offers a full design, installation, and maintenance service for the latest in wired and wireless Nurse Call System technology. This dedicated system is specifically designed to operate within a healthcare setting.

Our wired system incorporates features such as an audio communication option, with text display units located at strategic points such as nurse stations or corridors to indicate the full text address of the call. Although calls can be temporarily silenced from a fixed display, staff must go to the point of call to reset, providing reassurance that no call will go unanswered. Room units can include audio facility IR receivers to work with remote pendants, call leads, pressure sensors and PIR movement detectors. The system can be connected to a management PC, radio pager system and a printer for enhanced call monitoring. Many systems are capable of call forwarding, night/day mode and local/global emergency settings. In order to satisfy the Care Quality Commission, all of our product ranges feature cloud-based data capture and reporting options.

Our HTM 0803 compliant Wireless Nurse Call systems work very similarly to wired systems, but communicate by radio signals, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional wired installation and are particularly suited to applications where a cabled system is not practical, such as a listed building, temporary system or asbestos-present environments. All call units are battery powered, therefore it is essential to have a system of regular maintenance checks ensuring full system functionality

Our wall mounted display units offer clear and concise call information. These can include speech communication to audio room units. Calls are generally displayed in a prioritised order, with the most urgent and oldest call at the top of a scrollable list.

Designed to fit your needs

Our systems make it simple and economical to swap out sensing devices in accordance with the individual needs of the resident. We have a wide range of units to suit most requirements, for example:

  • Infrared call points
  • Bed sensors
  • Passive Infrared Movement Detectors
  • Air switches
  • Pressure mats
  • Dementia Alarm systems
  • Door monitoring

Call Management and Reporting Software Packages

Alongside our wireless Nurse Call systems, we can provide easy-to-access, cloud-based call logging data for historical analysis of call and response times. The remote reporting system automatically records, monitors and analyses care home activity so that staff can spend more time caring and less time completing paperwork, providing effective management, shorter response times and a better working environment for staff. Not only will the system help with owner, resident and family enquiries, but this instant reporting also satisfies the Care Quality Commission’s requirements and inspections.


We’ve been a leading name in security solutions for nearly 30 years, providing experience and professionalism at all times. We are a name that you can trust wholeheartedly – our team of experts are always on hand to answer your questions and provide support during what can sometimes be a difficult and stressful process.

SECOM engineers are some of the best trained in the country, and will do their upmost to make installation and maintenance of any Care Technology system as quick and easy as possible, so as not to disturb your or your elderly loved one’s routine