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SECOM's comprehensive solutions secure Redwood Technologies site

SECOM's comprehensive solutions secure Redwood Technologies site

SECOM prides itself on consistently meeting a client's needs and exceeding expectations, and a clear example of this can be seen in the works it has recently undertaken for Redwood Technologies.

A multi-award-winning communications technology provider with offices worldwide, Redwood purchased the Radius Court premises in Bracknell in 2013 and approached SECOM in an effort to secure the four-floor site. Initially, the focus was on the Research and Development (R&D) area on the ground floor of the building, but this soon spread to include enhancements throughout the property.

Roller shutters formed a key part of the requirements for securing the R&D department, but Redwood was keen to ensure they remained concealed both when in use and otherwise. As a result, SECOM installed a solution that not only matches with the existing false ceilings, but can also be hidden by bespoke fully-functional blinds.

After the successful fulfilment of this request, Redwood then enquired about other potential security solutions at the site. The existing fire system at Radius Court was deemed not to be fit-for-purpose and so SECOM installed additional detectors and alarms in order to ensure the safety of the building, employees and technology housed at the site. In addition, the fire extinguishers were replaced across the site.

The introduction of an access control system was the next step and a series of intruder alarms were fitted, which are monitored by SECOM's alarmed response centre (ARC). Security has also been improved through the fitting of exterior lighting and the installation of external and internal CCTV.

While SECOM is renowned for its security capabilities, the company's abilities to conduct civil engineering works as and when necessary are less well-known. In addition to moving and relaying a path around the Radius Court site, Redwood also requested the installation of a new perimeter fence. SECOM ensured that the fencing maintains a consistent level despite uneven ground and also implemented a 6.5 metre gate to allow access to the site.

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