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SECOM volunteers services to The Japanese School Ltd

SECOM volunteers services to The Japanese School Ltd

Every year The Japanese School Ltd. in Acton tests their security measures and procedures to keep staff and students educated. On Wednesday 27th May SECOM visited once again to highlight the importance of safety and security.

As part of SECOM’s involvement, London West Service Supervisor Paul Beschizza acted as an intruder to test the teacher’s actions and their response time as well as the ARC’s (Alarm Receiving Centre) – who beat 2014’s time and responded to the incident within 9 minutes. The teachers had to raise an alarm on a small device that would alert trained colleagues which area the distressed teacher is located.

The trained members of staff had the option to confirm whether the intruder was genuine, this procedure acts as a ‘double confirmed system’. After confirmation an activation was sent to the ARC who contacted the police.

Whilst waiting for a response from the police, members of staff attempted to restrain/remove the intruder using a very traditional Japanese tool called a ‘Sasumata’ (used in the Edo period Japan in police operations).

After the exercise, Managing Director Minoru Takezawa delivered a safety awareness seminar to the entire school to educate the children on personal safety, how to shout for help and stranger danger.

Minoru believes that educating young children about safety and security reinforces SECOM’s ethos to create a safer society.

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