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Secom unveils My Doctor Secom Plus

Secom unveils My Doctor Secom Plus

Secom, a market leader in security systems and solutions, has added an exciting new product to its existing portfolio.

In collaboration with Tsukui and Nichii Gakkan - expert providers of care services - the company has developed My Doctor Secom Plus.

It is a product designed taking into consideration the needs of an ageing population and will be particularly useful for those who are striving to maintain their independence.

My Doctor Secom Plus offers a mobile phone device with GPS and emergency call function, which can be used in both indoor and outdoor locations. The small but sophisticated technological unit is backed up with the provision of a dedicated Secom nurse centre.

Users will be able to call for help and raise the alarm by the simple press of a button.

Users of the service will be asked to register and provide information such as their medical history,details of any prescription drugs they are taking, along with their family members' numbers and medical contact telephone numbers to Secom's confidential call centre.

Depending on the type of emergency, Secom may call an ambulance in urgent cases or provide medical advice from the nursing centre plus any information available from the registration process that can then be passed onto paramedics. This will ensure that emergency crews arrive at the scene fully prepared to administer potentially life-saving care.

My Doctor Secom Plus was launched in Japan for residential subscribers from April 1st.

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