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Premier Inn's - Interactive Security Solution

Whitbread Group PLC is the UK's largest hospitality company. It owns several of the country's leading brands, including the hotel chain Premier Inn. Hotel security is quite unique, so Whitbread needed a very specialised setup. For this, they turned to the experts SECOM.

SECOM provide Whitbread with an interactive security solution that has put more power in the hands of the staff at Premier Inns across the UK. The sites are now remotely monitored by SECOM's Control & Command centre, providing 24-hour security all year round.

This interactive solution uses a personal tag for Premier Inn's team members working in reception which they carry around with them at all times. This provides a quick and easy way to get an immediate security response in the event of a crisis situation. In a number of sites activity is remotely viewed and both the visuals and audio are recorded.

Since this solution has been introduced Team Members now feel confident when in challenging or difficult situations. For example, they might be dealing with a disgruntled member of the public who might have become difficult. In cases like this it is far better to be safe than sorry, so the Team Member will press their personal tag. Immediately, the nearest security camera will focus on them and send an image directly to our Alarm Receiving Centre where the operator can assess the situation and provide the appropriate response. Watch our video to learn more.

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