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SECOM Launch in Turkey

SECOM Launch in Turkey

Secom partnership makes Turkey its 19th overseas operation

Electronic security solutions specialist Secom plc becomes part of an enlarged multi-national group with the news that the Japanese parent company has formed a 50:50 partnership in Turkey with financial technology company Aktif Bank, part of the Calik group.

The new company will offer end-to-end security solutions to companies and private customers in Turkey.

Secom plc Managing Director Minoru Takezawa says the new partnership further strengthens the global Secom brand. “In turn, this could help our growth in the UK market.”

Secom President Yasuo Nakayama says: “In line with our road map, we were in search of a potential country to which we could take our international operations.

“We ended up with Turkey as our 19th overseas destination as Turkey stands out not only with its geopolitical significance but also with the advancement in its economic growth potential stemming from the rise of its working population.”

Turkish Investment Office President Arda Ermut says the strong co-operation between Turkey and Japan would move a step further with the Secom-Aktif Bank deal.

He says: “We share strong ties but the full potential is not reflected in trade and investments. As of 2018, the trade volume between the two countries stood at $4.6 billion, while exports to Japan amounted to $479 million. Japan's total foreign direct investment in Turkey is around $3.2 billion.

"Furthermore, during the 2011-2017 period, when we attracted more serious investments, especially from Japan, there were approximately 45 mergers and acquisitions involving Japanese companies in Turkey."

“We have more than 200 Japanese capital companies in Turkey. We need to bring in new companies, and we are more than pleased to be adding one more to the list today.”

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