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SECOM+ HomeControl+

Nobody enjoys the moment of panic when they leave home only to remember they forgot to put the burglar alarm on. If this sounds familiar, then SECOM has good news, as we are unveiling our new HomeControl+ app. This gives you remote control of your home security, making looking after your household as simple as a few taps of a smartphone.

HomeControl+ is linked to the Cloud and gives you the ability to manage all your home security on your smartphone. You can set or unset your security system when you are out of the house or part set an area before you go to bed; you are in control from anywhere.

The HomeControl+ system allows you to receive custom push notifications. Now you can tailor the system to get a notification when it is set, unset or tripped, or even to find out when your children have arrived safely home from school.

You can even monitor your home on the go, by adding our HomeControl+ live stream HD Camera which you can view via the app from anywhere in the world. The app allows you to pan and tilt, enabling you to check on an elderly relative, your pets or just look in on your property whenever you want.

If you want to know more about HomeControl+ and see the app in action, take a look at our new video.

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