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SECOM announces Japan Study Tour 2013 nominees

SECOM announces Japan Study Tour 2013 nominees

SECOM, a leading supplier of international security systems and services, has announced its Japan Study Tour 2013 nominees.

The Japan Study Tour is the opportunity of a lifetime for SECOM employees who will have the chance to visit the cutting-edge SECOM world headquarters and see the development of next generation CCTV systems, intruder alarms and data centre technology. This will enable them to bring even greater security knowledge back to the shores of the UK and further improve the services that they and SECOM offer in the future. As well as marvel at the wonders of Tokyo and the historical charms of Kyoto.

Following a great 12 months for SECOM and the extremely high-calibre of employees, the Board of Directors were hard pressed to narrow their selection down to nominate only 12 fortunate individuals for the trip. However, the chosen candidates were able to demonstrate great promise and commitment towards the company’s ‘Quality Service Provider’ initiatives and thus contributed greatly to SECOM's main ‘Ultimate Service Provider’ objective.

The Role of Honour for this year’s Japan Study Tour includes:

Stuart Hampson 
Liam Butcher
Gary Marsh 
Keith Sharman 
Gary Weller 
Julia Pears 
Peter Hawkins 
Mal Fairless 
Joe Hampshire 
Lawrence Warren 
Paul Palmer 
Janet Bromley

SECOM's Managing Director Minoru Takezawa says: "Your hard work and initiative has been greatly appreciated and will help SECOM achieve its goal to become the Ultimate Service Provider and a top Quality Solutions Provider within the UK."

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