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Remote Service Desk launches 24 hour service

Remote Service Desk launches 24 hour service

SECOM Plc have now launched their 24hr Remote Service Desk (RSD) allowing them to offer remote diagnostic and solutions where applicable to their customers. The new service uses cutting edge technology developed between SECOM and their provider companies.

Following the design, integration and inception of their Remote Service Desk in March 2013 the RSD team have been working hard alongside their field engineers to add and connect as many of their  valued customers as possible to this new service. Built and developed to the strictest security protocols to ensure both SECOM Plc and their customer’s security is not compromised.

SECOM Plc is built around an ethos of being the number one Quality Service Provider (QSP) in the UK and their QSP philosophy is paramount to their business and the needs of their customers. With that in mind it was a natural step to look at the technology available and develop and integrate this into SECOM’s core business to offer customers an enhanced service.

As new technology becomes available in the market place the RSD will continue to develop and integrate into SECOM’s current systems, ensuring at all times that their security protocols meet the highest industry standards.

Paul Weaver, General Manager, UK Operations said “I am very proud to announce RSD went live 24/7 last week and has had an immediate impact. This service will greatly help us serve our customers more efficiently and ensure that we deliver the quality service we promise. To have a 24/7 tech desk up and running in just 2 years is an incredible achievement.”

Image of Remote Service Desk team - instumental in implementing the new service. Well done guys! 

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