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Japan Matsuri festival returns to London

Japan Matsuri festival returns to London

Japan Matsuri returns to London for its annual 2012 event, the Matsuri  (which in English translates to the word ‘Festival’) is a much anticipated event which attracted 70,000 visitors this year alone to its Trafalgar Square location.

This year’s event was opened by the Chairman of the Japan Matsuri committee, Mr Keisaku Sano, with a special guest appearance from the Ambassador of Japan, Mr. Keiichi Hayashi.

Multi-cultural London set the perfect atmosphere for the vibrant, energetic, cultural event, the Japanese community, Londoners and a variety of companies and individuals came together in celebration to enjoy Japanese culture through food, music, dance and martial arts.

SECOM proudly volunteered to offer support again this year and were dressed in uniform especially for the event. Festival visitors were celebrating in the presence of our Uk Managing Director for Secom Plc, Mr Minoru Takezawa. Mr Takezawa can be seen alongside SECOM employees Yosuke Morishita (Corporate Planning), Graeme Colthart (Alarm Receiving Unit CCTV Supervisor), and Paul Gillam (Response Officer) who all kindly participated in this year’s event.

The SECOM brand and logo is extremely well-known and respected in Japan, however, many Japanese visitors may not be aware of SECOM’s presence here in the UK. SECOM are worth £5 billion in Japan and provide security, fire protection services, medical services, insurance services, geographic information services, real estate development and IT related services worldwide.

Keisaku “Sandy” Sano, Chairman of The Executive Committee Japan Matsuri, said: “This year’s Matsuri is also once again for the appreciation of the people in the UK who have kindly provided their support following the disaster in March 2011 caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan."

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