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Defibrillators to be introduced to major SECOM offices

Defibrillators to be introduced to major SECOM offices

SECOM are always contributing to create a safer society. In order to provide safety and security, their staff must also be safe and secure.

SECOM’s Managing Director, Minoru Takezawa, has decided to provide Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) to assist in the event of a sustained cardiac arrest (SCA) in all SECOM offices for the welfare and health of their staff.

In a medical emergency at the workplace, an AED can save someone’s life by providing defibrillation to the heart. Defibrillation in early timing is crucial for treatment of SCA. Studies show that defibrillation within three minutes of an SCA can increase the chance of survival from less than 5% to over 70%.

SECOM CO.,LTD. actively promote AED’s in Japan by providing this same type of AED to their customers by a rental and maintenance agreement, which are all monitored 24 hours a day by the Control Centre.

SECOM will be introducing AED packs in their major offices and will arrange training on site with current First Aiders and as many other staff as possible.

This initiative should provide peace of mind to all staff working in the offices in an attempt to create a safer society.

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