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Alive Setagaya Daita

Alive Setagaya Daita

SECOM Plc's parent company in Japan has recently signed an agreement of mutual support with the borough of Setagaya to provide nursing homes with capabilities for exceptional nursing care in the event of a disaster. SECOM's "Alive Setagaya Daita" will be opening in the borough of Setagaya in Japan on 1st November 2012. "Alive Setagaya Daita" nursing homes will follow an environmentally friendly theme and will be a part of a planned disaster reduction scheme.

Japan’s population is soaring with in excess of 30 million people now over the age of 65, a high ratio of the country’s total population. As the number of elderly people increases so does the need for facilities to care for them. When an elderly person becomes a resident at "Alive Setagaya Daita" it is important for them to still coexist with their family and loved ones, with this in mind the facility’s intention is to welcome residents from the local vicinity of Setagaya. Tenants can now be granted a vacancy at a nursing home on a priority basis through the "residence right priority" scheme. The "residence right priority" scheme is a major development in the urban culture of Japan that will enable elderly parent and children to live nearby, allowing peace of mind for both parties.

Alive Medicare Co.,Ltd. have signed an agreement with the borough of Setagaya for mutual support regarding evacuation of local residents in the event of disaster. "Alive Setagaya Daita" as a facility will offer disaster prevention measures, such as, hot meals and power supply during long term outages and can provide peace of mind for local people as well as residents. The history of large-scale natural disasters that have taken place in Japan, such as, last year’s earthquake, has brought a realisation of a need for bases where the community can come together and have access to natural disaster facilities. In preparation of large scale disasters, "Alive Setagaya Daita" would like to contribute to ensure safety of life and livelihood of local residents in the event of a disaster.

The ground floor of the home offers space and communal areas that will be freely available for use by non-residents within the Setagaya borough. Emergency power supply arrangements are in place and there will be enough hot food and water for a three day supply. To reduce the impact of power outage, solar panels have been fitted on the roof of the building. "Aqua mellow" emergency water purifier (product of Secom Alpha Co.,Ltd.) is installed for effective use of a water receiving tank, allowing drinking water to be reserved for a certain period of time.

SECOM "Alive Setagaya Daita" will be open from 1st November 2012.

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