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SECOM Response Gave School Intruder Detention

SECOM Response Gave School Intruder Detention

Security Requirement

Schools are often a challenge to secure because of their size and layouts, especially when they are surrounded by playing fields. This leaves them vulnerable to vandalism and, increasingly, to burglary because of the growing use of computers and other valuable electronic teaching aids.

To protect its assets, one Yorkshire school decided to install SECOM’s monitored intruder alarm system. Intruders are usually unafraid when an alarm simply sounds because they expect a normal staff keyholder to take a while to arrive on site. With a monitored system, our vigilant control centre operator would be able to respond much more quickly, alerting a professional response officer or the local police to attend the scene, catching an intruder unaware.

SECOM’s Security Solution

This school’s wise investment recently paid off when an early morning break-in was thwarted. The school’s intruder alarm was triggered at 4am, alerting operators at our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), and a duty Key Response Officer was immediately dispatched from our Leeds office. Arriving on site, the officer found evidence of a break-in. After checking the premises with caution and finding no other security breaches, and no sign of the culprit, the officer called a carpenter to board up the broken window. While carefully monitoring the site situation and waiting for the boarding-up service to arrive, the officer saw a person at another window in the school. Police were summoned and they arrested a suspect who subsequently received a custodial sentence.

This case highlights the benefits of monitored alarms for school security, and the efficient co-operation of security professionals and police. A well co-ordinated operation involving our trained control centre operator, professional response officer and police stopped this crime in progress and limited damage. SECOM’s task as security experts includes working closely with police so that we can help avoid false alarms. Our experienced operators assess each incident and, as in this instance, call for police support only when the need is established.

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