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SECOM installs state-of-the-art CCTV system at Hainault Business Park

SECOM installs state-of-the-art CCTV system at Hainault Business Park

Companies based at a business park in Greater London have had their security operations modernised by the arrival of a brand new state-of-the-art CCTV system.

SECOM has installed the hi-tech solution at Hainault Business Park in Ilford, following a deal between the company and Redbridge Council.

The local authority funded the installation of the technology which was made available to the firms at the site and it will be used to identify any suspicious vehicles via number plate recognition, reports the Ilford Recorder.

This means it will be much harder for any criminals, who may be thinking of targeting those organisations with premises at Hainault Business Park, to get away with their activities. What's more, this will provide firms with peace of mind and confidence that they will not be impacted by crime. Issues such as theft, burglary and vandalism occured too frequently at the facility and members of the Hainault Business Improvement District have been busy campaigning for the arrival of new technology for some time.

Keith Sharman, regional sales manager at SECOM, has spoken about how the company was able to provide the perfect solution for tackling the precise needs of the business park.

The aim was to create a sterile area within Hainault Business Park, in effect a goldfish bowl, that is difficult for any unauthorised individual to access.

"The system was designed to detect and record any number plate of a vehicle that comes onto or exits the estate from any of the four entrance/exit points that we have. That number plate is recorded and held on a central database and then can be pulled up at any time in the future for reference or used to identify and alert of targeted vehicles," Mr Sharman explained.

Unfortunately, the rate of crime at the site has been too high in recent years and it is not helped by the layout of nearby roads, which encourage drivers to travel through the business park in order to complete their journeys.

This also ensures a high number of unauthorised vehicles are accessing the park, but thanks to the new CCTV system these will all be identified and tracked.

Mr Sharman went on to note that many people have now been put off the idea of driving through Hainault Business Park, because they know their number plates are being logged and they are unsure of how their data is being viewed.

Electronic signs show any driver who enters the relevant zone their own number plate, making it clear they are being logged. Since its installation in February, the CCTV has had the desired effect and security levels have been improved significantly.

Picture courtesy of Ilford Recorder

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