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SECOM chosen for school safeguarding solution

SECOM chosen for school safeguarding solution


When SECOM got in contact, Dalton school was using a book to manually sign in new visitors who arrived on site and would tick off a list of staff arrivals each day. However, the school were open to improvement and agreed to a demonstration to be shown the visitor management system. The school were very impressed with not only how easily they could sign visitors in and out of the premises and the manual stresses this would take away, but also that they would have the ability to identify staff and visitors at the school using the fire roll call, during the fire alarm evacuation procedure.

When SECOM met with Dalton school, they were using an access control system that had to be accessed by typing a four digit code into an electronic keypad. Security on site was further increased when the system was upgraded to a Proximity card access control system, the new system allows secure card access when opening access controlled doors, with cards that can also be used as photographic staff ID cards. 

The access control system used will recognise which doors in the building are being accessed based on staff movements and will automatically update when staff members have entered and exited the building.

Visitor management and safeguarding security solution

Key Points:

• Quick and easy sign in producing high-quality ID badges.
• E-mail or SMS alert to the person they are visiting.
• CRB safeguarding module serves as your single central record of CRB for both staff and visitors.
• Fire roll call registers staff and visitors during fire evacuation procedure.

SECOM’s Security Solution

The school were very keen to implement these new security methods and gave us instruction to change the keypads on the doors to a Proximity access control system almost straight away. The school are very happy with the new systems in place and have since given us an order for additional doors to be added onto their current access control system. 

The inspection report, Dalton School (14-15 June 2012), quote on safety: ‘Pupils feel safe around the school as they know that unsafe Internet sites are blocked and that the building is secure.’

Customer Testimonial

Susan Mallinson is Dalton Primary School’s dedicated Business Manager and has said the following about the system:

“Previously, we would leave signing in books by both front and rear entrances at the school, and have to rely on staff members remembering to sign in. Visitors to the school are impressed by the quality and professionalism of the ID badges and staff will know instantly whether the visitor has been CRB checked”.

Nowadays, staff members must swipe for entry and at the click of a button the school are able to centrally view who is on the premises at any one time.

“It has been a fantastic investment for the school. My mind is put at rest knowing that if there did happen to be a fire, we would know exactly who was on site at the time of a drill.”

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