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Thefts 'occur every few minutes'

Thefts 'occur every few minutes'

Britons have been advised to keep an eye out for thieves, as thefts take place every few minutes in the country.

New figures from Liverpool Victoria Home Insurance​ show someone has a bag stolen or becomes the victim of pickpocketing somewhere in the UK every three minutes. What's more, the average bag is now packed with £316 worth of items.

Police data shows pickpocketing and muggings, defined as 'theft from a person', increased in 2013 in comparison with the previous year.

The highest number of thefts were reported by the Metropolitan Police, making London a particular hotspot for this type of crime. In addition, West Yorkshire Police, Thames Valley Police and West Midlands Police scored highly when it came to thefts from a person.

Selwyn Fernandes, managing director of  Liverpool Victoria Home Insurance​, comments: "The continued popularity of small gadgets, which have a high value and can be easily sold on, has led to an increasing number of personal robbery attacks in recent years.

"With an average bag and contents worth around £316, they are a tempting target for most thieves."

Of course, it is important not to become preoccupied with preventing pickpockets to the point where individuals neglect their home security, which ultimately can be significantly more important.

The value of goods contained within many homes in the UK runs into tens of thousands of pounds, so protecting it as effectively as possible is a must. As well as muggers and thieves on the street, there are others who are prepared to break-in to properties in search of a more valuable haul.

With this in mind, investing in a home alarm system is a shrewd move, as it will alert others to the presence of burglars, while in many cases thieves will be put off the idea of burgling a home with a clear security system in place.

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