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South Yorkshire homes to be made safer

South Yorkshire homes to be made safer

Of all the groups in need of improved home security, it is perhaps the elderly and vulnerable that require it the most. Thieves can often feel like homes occupied by these people will be easy targets, and the impact of a break-in can be particularly devastating to households composed of people who already feel fairly defenceless.

As such, we are extremely pleased to hear that the South Yorkshire police and crime commissioner Dr Alan Billings has provided a grant of over £15,000 to three Home Improvement Agencies run by Yorkshire Housing. The money comes from the 2015/16 Community Grant Scheme, which is intended to be used for tackling crime in these local communities.

The money will be used to help vulnerable people in Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster by carrying out security checks to spot any potential vulnerabilities. Improvements to the window locks and door chains of insecure homes will also be funded with this money.

Dr Billings said that these changes would make it "more difficult for criminals" when it came to breaking into a home. He added: "The funding will boost the work already being done to improve security and will go a long way to helping people feel safer in their homes."

Kate Haley, senior home improvement agency manager for Yorkshire Housing, said the funding would be targeted to areas that are most at risk of burglary. She added that she hoped it would "help people increase their feeling of wellbeing and give them peace of mind".

When it comes to peace of mind, one of the most important things is a good security system. Making sure the locks on your windows and doors are not going to be easy for a burglar to get through is an important step. However, many people would also benefit from a setup that ensures a certain amount of safety even if somebody manages to get in.
An alarm is a crucial part of this. At SECOM, we offer a number of burglar alarms that can scare off a would-be thief. Our alarm systems alerts our 24-hour response centre, so we can call the police or keyholders as soon as anyone is spotted trying to get into your home.

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