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Security 'a priority for home buyers'

Security 'a priority for home buyers'

British people have named security as one of the most important issues of all when it comes to buying a new home.

New research by has named the top 20 features any property must have in order to attract buyers, with strong and secure doors and windows found to be the third most popular.

Indeed, some 71 per cent of the 1,000 respondents to the survey highlighted this as an issue they simply will not go without upon purchasing somewhere to live.

And it is not only doors and window frames that attract attention from potential home buyers, as 72 per cent of individuals said they also view double glazing as a must-have in any property they are planning to purchase.

Ben Wilson from Home Insurance said: "Our research suggests that today's potential home-buyers are putting practical concerns ahead of aesthetics by looking for properties which are cosy, energy efficient and secure, rather than full of character."

Security finished in third place in the list of priorities for property buyers, with only an efficient central heating system and double glazing deemed to be more important issues to those looking for a new home.

It also means home security is viewed as being of more significance than a whole host of other factors, including off-road parking, a good broadband connection, a shower, friendly neighbours, local shops and amenities and a garden.

In order to give a property a further security boost, Britons would be wise to invest in a home alarm system, which will alert them and others should someone try to break in to the building in question.

Combining various features - including strong doors and windows and the latest alarm systems - can be the best way for homeowners in the UK to keep burglars at bay.

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