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Police target shoplifters in Buxton

Police target shoplifters in Buxton

Police in Buxton will be the latest constabulary in the UK to launch a new campaign aimed at reducing the amount of seasonal crime on commercial premises in the area.

Operation Cracker will see more plain clothes and uniformed officers patrol stores, targeting people trying to use the high footfall to cover-up their shoplifting and purse-dipping activities.

"At this time of year, people often carry more cash than usual and busy crowds can provide a fertile ground for thieves to spot an opportunity," said sergeant Jon Lloyd, who leads the Buxton Safer Neighbourhood Team.   

Officers advise consumers to keep valuables out of sight when shopping, securing wallets and purses in a safe place and not back pockets or the tops of handbags.

Derbyshire Constabulary also state that few properties with properly installed intruder alarms are targeted for burglaries, while monitoring systems can now increase the chances of apprehension and cut the amount of false alarms.

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