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Police: Homeowners should consider a burglar alarm

Police: Homeowners should consider a burglar alarm

People in Suffolk have been advised to consider the installation of a burglar alarm, after several homes in the region were targeted by thieves.

Burglars are said to have broken into a number of properties across west Suffolk, taking items including cash, spare keys and jewellery, among other valuables, reports the Bury Free Press.

Six burglaries were reported on one day in March alone, with the thieves smashing in through glass doors at the rear of the property on each occasion. What's more, police believe they are right to link these incidents to three previous cases in Hengrave, Old Newton and Haughley, indicating there is a serial offender at large.

Two of the burglaries that took place in the period in question were in Barrow, with jewellery and sunglasses taken from a home in Colethorpe Lane. The other in the village took place in Papeley Meadow and £350 in cash was taken, along with some pieces of jewellery.

Another property in Saxham was targeted and foreign currency stolen, a separate incident saw a house in Culford raided for loose change, an Apple iPod and car keys, while in Forest Heath thieves removed jewellery from a home.

Newmarket was the scene for the final robbery, and this too involved the theft of items of jewellery.

A spokesman for the Bury St Edmunds Priority Crime Team said there are a number of steps people can take to beat the threat posed by burglars - including using a home alarm system.

Securing the back garden by locking side gates and increasing the height of fences and hedges are given as good examples of shrewd actions to take.

"It is also recommended that garden tools and equipment are kept locked away in outbuildings as these can often be used by a burglar to break in. Where appropriate, consideration should also be given to having a burglar alarm installed," the spokesman stated.

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