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Police forces warn of winter burglary activity

Police forces warn of winter burglary activity

As the year moves into October, the nights are beginning to draw in and that can lead to more thefts and burglaries as criminals are encouraged by the lack of natural light to commit their offences.

Police up and down the length of the UK have already seen various incidents of increased criminal activity and have issued warnings to property owners.

Yorkshire Police and the officers in the Hersham area of Surrey have told people to remain vigilant and ensure their security systems are up to date and well maintained after recording an increased frequency of property break-ins.

Over the last few weeks there have been 20 burglaries in the Wilmslow area of north-west England and sergeant Andy Miller said property owners can be proactive and lower the chances that they become a victim of crime.

He explained that installing an intruder alarm is one of the most effective ways to deter potential burglars, as a criminal is always looking for an easy target and they will always favour a house without an alarm over one that does have an alarm.

An intruder device is not only an effective deterrent, but property owners may also see a reduction in their insurance premiums if they have not had one installed before, said the officer, arguing that an alarm is definitely worth the investment. 

Sergeant Miller added: "Even something as simple as a gravel drive can put criminals off."

"If you go to the effort of using some of these suggestions you will dramatically reduce the likelihood that you will ever be burgled. Prevention is far better than detection."

Police force figures suggest that around 30 per cent of burglaries happen due to a door or window being left open or unlocked, so property owners should always take some time to secure their property before leaving the premises.

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