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Only a fifth of burglaries are solved

Only a fifth of burglaries are solved

If your house gets broken into and your valuables stolen, what do you think is the chance the criminals will be caught and your possessions returned to you? About 50 per cent? Maybe one in three? Unfortunately, recently released figures show that your chances are much more bleak, as fewer than one fifth of all burglaries in England and Wales were solved in 2014/15.

An analysis of Home Office data by the Press Association has revealed that out of all the investigations into break-ins undertaken in this time period, 80.2 per cent were closed without a single suspect being identified. Even worse, around 93.4 per cent were closed without a charge or summons being issued.

That means the vast majority of burglars managed to get away with their crimes. Considering the damage a break-in can do both to the financial stability and the mental health of a family, this is a very worrying set of statistics.

Karen Froggatt, director of the charity Victim Support, said: "It is disappointing that eight in ten burglaries go unsolved. Not only does this mean that the vast majority of burglary victims are denied justice and see no chance of having their possessions recovered, it also means offenders are free to reoffend.

"Victims tell us they suffer far more than lost possessions when their home is burgled. There can be a lasting effect on the whole family and victims often feel violated as their home is no longer a safe haven. Knowing a burglar is still at large can also add to a sense of anxiety and stress for victims."

However, there is a positive statistic that has come out of all of this. Over the last 20 years, the rate of burglaries committed has fallen drastically. Some 785,000 break-ins were committed in the UK in the year to March, which is 67 per cent lower than in 1995. This indicates that more burglaries are being prevented, even if they are not being solved.

Part of this is down to the increased effectiveness of home security. Increases in technology have made it possible to spot a burglar before they are able to get into your home and have an alert sent straight to the police to catch them in the act. Alternatively, a verbal or auditory warning can be sounded to scare the would-be criminal off.
These preventative measures are much more effective and lead to a far better experience for your family than trusting that the police will be able to catch a burglar after they have broken in. SECOM can help you install an effective home security system that will keep your property and loved ones safe from burglars.

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