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One in 6 homes 'left vacant over Christmas'

One in 6 homes 'left vacant over Christmas'

A new survey has revealed that many people in the UK will take risks with the security of their property over the Christmas period.

According to the report from Santander, one in six households will be vacant over the festive season for a period of 24 hours or more.

With police forces all over the country also telling businesses and homeowners that burglaries are more common in December, many people may want to check that their intruder alarm is in good working order and commercial property owners could think about installing CCTV systems.

The report found that nine per cent of families will be away on Christmas Day and seven per cent on Boxing Day, while seven per cent will leave their property vacant for a whole week before or after Christmas.

Richard Al-Dabbagh from Santander Insurance echoed police advice, stating: "It's important to protect your home over the festive period as darker nights and an abundance of valuable gifts mean that burglary and opportunistic crime is rife at this time."

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