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National Home Security Month begins

National Home Security Month begins

Autumn has well and truly arrived, which means shorter days and darker nights. Unfortunately, that makes it the beginning of one of the worst periods of the year for burglaries, with crooks taking advantage of the lack of light to break into people’s houses. This is why National Home Security Month was started: to help people feel more safe in their homes.

October marks the fourth year in a row that this event has been organised. National Home Security Month was set up to give people the information they need to keep their households safe, particularly during the darker period of the year. In 2016, the focus is on five specific areas of home security.

The month launched on October 3rd, and the first week was simply about showing people what they can learn from the event. Along with an introduction to National Home Security Month, the week also featured several competitions that can be accessed from the campaign's Facebook page.

From this week (October 10th), National Home Security Month will focus on the topic "Safe as Houses", showing people how to physically keep houses safe with locks and other entry point security. This is something SECOM has a lot of experience with.

For example, garage doors are often weak links in a home's security setup. They can be easy to break into, particularly if they are old. SECOM offers a range of products that can help with this, such as our aluminium roller shutters that provide a serious physical barrier to anyone trying to break in.

October 17th sees the campaign focus on "Smart Home Security"; another area that SECOM specialises in. CCTV and alarms have come on leaps and bounds, and now it is possible to install a security system that is monitored 24 hours a day by SECOM's Control and Command Centre.

The next week - commencing October 24th - is entitled "Dark Nights" and focuses on the exterior of your home. As this is the week the clocks turn back and the nights get darker an hour earlier, it is valuable to learn about how to keep the area surrounding your home as secure as possible.

Finally, October 31st marks the start of "Spooky Season". Halloween and Bonfire Night are the worst time of the year for domestic burglaries, so it is doubly important that homes are locked up safe with the latest in security.
If you need some help keeping your home safe this October, SECOM is running a special promotion. You can get 10 per cent off all home intruder alarm installations throughout the month, so you can make your household as protected as possible this autumn.

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