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Met urges Londoners to improve security

Met urges Londoners to improve security

With the weather getting colder and the days shorter, many people will be thinking about the fun festivals that are coming up. While you might have Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas on your mind, there is something else you should be thinking about: the increased risk of burglaries.

The longer nights that come with autumn and winter lead to a rise in the burglary rate across the UK, as thieves have longer hours of darkness in which to work. As such, the Metropolitan Police Service (Met) has launched its yearly campaign - Operation Bumblebee - to encourage Londoners to improve their security and avoid the risks of this season.

To help people protect their possessions, the Met has come up with a number of useful tips for Londoners. These include things such as keeping side gates locked and making sure valuables are stored somewhere out of sight, so potential burglars can't see them and target them for theft.

The Met is also planning to hand out 440,000 'MetTrace' kits over the next three years. These allow people to mark their property with a unique code, which can then be identified by any police officer or second-hand goods buyer. It is hoped this will allow stolen goods to be recovered quicker.

However, this can only help once a burglary has occurred, and the loss of property is not the only bad thing about suffering a break-in. Commander Simon Letchford, the leader of Operation Bumblebee, said: "Burglary can be a very traumatic experience and have a long-lasting impact on victims."

To prevent your family from having to go through this, it is worth investing in an improved security system. SECOM offers many solutions that will allow you to protect your household, such as the wire-free home security system that comes complete with alarms and a wireless door contact that will catch thieves in the act.

If any intruders enter your house, an alarm will immediately sound. If this is not enough to scare criminals away, it will also alert a member of staff at SECOM's 24-hour response centre. From there, the police can immediately be called and you can be contacted and apprised of the situation.

Commander Letchford had one final piece of advice for those looking to upgrade their security this autumn: "By thinking like a burglar, and noticing and addressing where your home and possessions may be vulnerable, you can reduce the chances of it happening to you."

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