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Leighton Buzzard turns to covert police patrols

Leighton Buzzard turns to covert police patrols

Burglary is a problem that affects certain areas more than others. In the last year or so, Leighton Buzzard has been one of the worse-hit areas, with a significant spike in cases of the offense. As a result, the local police have taken action to cut down on instances of the crime.

The new plan in Leighton Buzzard is an increase in covert patrols, with 24-hour police presence on the town's streets in the last few weeks. These patrols are targeted at residential areas, as the rise in burglary was mainly caused by an increase in people stealing from homes.

The rise in patrols by covert officers has already had an effect. Nine people - seven boys and two men - have already been arrested as a result of the patrols, and several warrants have been issued on properties. However, there is still a question as to how much this is costing the police.

Detective Inspector Duncan Young from Bedfordshire Police's force intelligence department said: "Intelligence is an invaluable tool in the fight against crime and it is vital that we continue to work with the public to gather a picture of offending in the county." While he is correct, there are other ways of gathering this information without having to rely on police work.

For example, SECOM home alarms are monitored 24/7 by the in house Alarm Receiving Centre. If there is an attempted break-in one of SECOM's trained specialists will call your property's keyholder or the emergency services, so you will be protected even if there is nobody home. This enables police to catch criminals in the act, preventing them from stealing your possessions.

The more information the police have access to, the better they will be able to solve crimes. This means security systems such as cameras are incredibly useful for crime prevention.

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