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Keeping your home safe this autumn

Keeping your home safe this autumn

Autumn and winter are the riskiest seasons for burglary and other home security issues. The shorter days mean more darkness for criminals to work in, while Halloween and Bonfire Night often leave houses empty for long periods at night. Homeowners need to make sure their security is top-notch to avoid any issues.

However, many people are relying on old or outdated security systems to protect them from crooks. It might seem like a huge job to update your existing home security, but it is more than worth it if it means protecting yourself against a burglary. Furthermore, there are many ways you can make small changes to protect your house and family.

If you want to save money on improving your household safety, then SECOM is offering 10 per cent off the installation price of the home intruder package on their website. This is available only during National Home Security Month this October. Combined with these tips, you can make sure your house is as safe as possible:


Trim your hedges

Can you see your front door from the street? It might seem like an odd question, but it is one not many people tend to think about. A lot of homes have some kind of obstruction at the front, such as a hedge, bush or other plant, that blocks the door from view. You might not realise, but this can be a security risk.

If your front door isn't visible from the street, then thieves trying to get through it will be able to do so without being seen by passers-by. This gives them a huge advantage, and will make your home a much more attractive target for them.

This one is nice and easy to fix, however: simply trim your hedges or remove any other visual obstacles so that it is easy to see your front door from the street. By eliminating places for burglars to hide, you lessen the chances of suffering a break-in.


Make your home look occupied

The period around Halloween and Bonfire Night is statistically when most burglaries occur, according to insurance provider Aviva. As mentioned above, this is due to homes being so often left unoccupied as families go to parties, to firework displays and out trick-or-treating, which means burglars can commit crimes with greater ease.

One answer is to not leave your house, but that isn't any fun! Instead, why not make it look as if you're home even when you aren't? If passing crooks think you're in, they are very unlikely to attempt a burglary.

You could leave lights on - potentially using a timer switch so they automatically switch on when it's dark - as well as putting a tv or radio on so there are sounds coming from inside. It is usually a good idea to draw your curtains as well, so passers-by can't see that your house is empty. This way, thieves will be less likely to target your home.


Fix any security flaws

At this time of year, it is especially important to make sure you aren't abiding by any security flaws. There are all sorts that people subscribe to: some people leave spare keys under doormats or flowerpots, for example, which are the first places burglars will look!

If you do not have a burglar alarm, now is the time to get one. They are not just easily ignored noise anymore; SECOM systems send alerts directly to our 24-hour Control and Command Centre, which means an operator will always be on hand to contact your keyholders or the police, depending on the system chosen.

You should also make sure all windows have locks on, as well as checking the security of your garage door or any sheds you own if expensive goods are stored there. Avoid keeping anything too valuable anywhere where burglars can easily see it from the street, as well, otherwise they might know your house is a good one to target.
If you follow these tips, you can help make your house as secure as possible this autumn!

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