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Investigation into Skegness burglaries begins

Investigation into Skegness burglaries begins

Police in Skegness are now looking into a number of burglaries that have occurred in the town in recent days.

An investigation has begun into the spate of home break-ins, which have taken place at properties in Beresford Avenue, Briar Way, Kingsthorpe Avenue, Finisterre Avenue and Huckles Way. All of the cases have involved a home being raided and certain items being taken.

Rear doors and windows have proved to be a common point of entry for those responsible for the crimes, with these being broken in each of the cases to have happened in the last week.

Detective Constable Emily Wooll-Rivers of Skegness CID said: "Make it more difficult for potential burglars to access the rear of your house by ensuring you keep any side access gates securely locked. Consider motion-sensor lighting or installing a burglar alarm if your home is unoccupied for longer periods of time."

Of course, another popular and effective solution when it comes to protecting a home against thieves is a home alarm system, which can be installed easily and offers immediate benefits.

As well as potentially putting burglars off the idea of entering a property, an alarm can ensure the response to any crime that does occur is rapid.

There is also the option of improving the strength and reliability of doors and windows, particularly those at the rear of homes, as these have been targeted by those responsible for the crimes in Skegness.

Ensuring doors and windows are secure and not easy to force in is a good idea and one that can help to keep burglars at bay.

Police in Skegness are urging anyone in the area with any information about the spate of burglaries that has occurred to get in touch with them direct, or to phone Crimestoppers on an anonymous basis.

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