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Insurance company data shows frequency of thefts across UK

Insurance company data shows frequency of thefts across UK

A new study from an insurance company has shed a light on the frequency with which people in the UK see their personal possessions get lost or stolen.

Compiled by Direct Line, the research revealed that 40 per cent of Britons have been parted from a valuable possession in the last five years, suggesting that as many as 20 million people could have been affected.

Of the items that are most frequently lost or stolen, jewellery was shown to be the most common, followed by wallets or purses, mobile phones, watches, travel cards, driving licences, passports, smart devices and e-readers.

Although the most common location for losing these items was the street, with 39 per cent of people seeing their possessions go missing while out and about, it was revealed that the home was the second most likely place for valuables to go missing, with 37 per cent citing this as an issue.

Moreover, the report showed that once personal property has been lost or stolen, it is most likely gone for good - only 47 per cent of people reported being reunited with their missing belongings.

The report underlines the need for a more comprehensive and diligent approach to security, as the use of tools such as CCTV cameras can help to reduce the chances of a property being broken into and objects being stolen.

Having photo or video evidence can also greatly facilitate the process of making an insurance claim, ensuring that people affected by the loss of property will not be left out of pocket for too long.

Katie Lomas, head of Direct Line's home insurance business, said: "When it comes to loss or theft of personal belongings, it is very easy to believe that it won't happen to you. However, this research reveals that it is much more likely than many may think."

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