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Homeowners offered security tips

Homeowners offered security tips

With the bank holiday approaching, many people may be thinking about leaving their home unattended while they visit friends or travel overseas.

This can be a significant risk and Rochdale Online has reiterated advice issued by Greater Manchester Police for homeowners who are looking to minimise the threat of a break-in.

The first piece of advice was to not leave spare keys on the property - they should always be safe with neighbours or a relative.

People may find that if a criminal enters their home using lost or stolen keys, they may not be entitled to an insurance payout. 

Security systems such as intruder alarms are vital. Having a pet should not prevent people from setting their alarm, as there are plenty of pet-friendly alarm systems available, while CCTV is becoming a more popular solution as systems become more affordable.

People may even want to use a domestic safe and an insurance company can offer advice on what design is most suitable.

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