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Home automation 'to incorporate intruder alarms'

Home automation 'to incorporate intruder alarms'

The increasing technological sophistication of intruder alarm devices and the ubiquitous nature of wireless connections in the home will converge in the future.

New research entitled 'The World Maker for Intruder Alarms - 2013 Edition' from IHS has found that intrusion technology such as sensors and alarms will be adapted into the home automation industry and the relationship could make both technologies even more widespread in the years to come.

It would mean that intruder alarms are integrated into the same home automation platform that at the moment is primarily used for energy-saving features such as automatic lighting and heating.

The security benefits of this could make home residential intruder alarm sales come into line with those in the commercial sector.  According to IHS, the residential sector accounted for 40.7 per cent of the $2.7 billion (£1.69 billion) global intruder alarm market last year, but is now set to be one of the fastest-growing verticals in the industry with a five-year compound annual growth rate of 5.3 per cent.

Adi Pavlovic, analyst for access control, fire and security at IHS, said: "Home-management integration is gaining the most popularity in North America, which will increase the penetration rate of intruder alarm products into the residential sector. Europe also may not be too far behind, as energy-management features are making their way into more homes every year."

The integration of intruder alarms into a home automation platform will not only revolutionise home security in the coming years, but IHS said it could have an impact on commercial security too. The research company explained that home automation can develop at a faster pace than business automation as there is currently a lack of unified legislation across each of the technology platforms, but once this is created, progress could follow, with areas such as the Middle East already benefitting from multiple integrated systems.

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