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Families urged not to let crime ruin Christmas

Families urged not to let crime ruin Christmas

With Christmas almost here, many people will soon be leaving their homes full of high value goods to spend time with loved ones.

Criminals are aware of this and will be looking to use the cover of the dark winter nights to break into residential property and steal what is left inside.

With this in mind, the Harborough District Neighbourhood Watch has taken it upon itself to issue advice to homeowners in a bid to ensure that Christmas is not ruined.

The group told the Harborough Mail that security systems such as intruder alarms are effective, as is the use of interior lighting on a timer to create the illusion that the home is occupied.

Also when leaving their homes, people were told that it is always best to make sure that gifts and valuables are not visible from the property's windows.

Expensive goods can also be marked with a personal identifier, which could deter thieves who steal to sell the items on, the group added.

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