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Criminals helping out police with home security tips

Criminals helping out police with home security tips

Police in West Yorkshire have taken the unusual step of recruiting convicted burglars to help them improve home security levels in the region.

The Force Crime Prevention Officer from West Yorkshire Police's Force Performance Improvement Unit has been busy conducting interviews with a number of known offenders in the region about their view of burglaries, reports the Halifax Courier.

In particular, the process has focused on what thieves look for in a house before deciding whether to rob it. Their opinions can help the police to encourage residents to enhance their security solutions and the care they take to keep burglars out.

A number of quotes are given from convicted robbers, who highlighted some of the things they looked out for when they were committing such crimes.

For instance, one explained he would give houses with lighting on upstairs a swerve, as it was impossible to tell if someone was at home or not.

Another said it is wise to hide valuables, stating: "Why should I go into a house if I didn't know there was anything in there worth having?"

The next thief said he always found it easy to work out if someone was on holiday, as letters would pile up by the front door, the blinds would often be closed and papers or milk that had been delivered would be untouched.

As such, it is clearly worth avoiding these issues by arranging for someone to come in and move post and pick up deliveries when a home is empty for a period of time.

Of course, investing in a home alarm system is also an incredibly wise move, as this will be a visual deterrent to burglars who may be on the prowl in the local area.

What's more, if it is connected to an Alarm Response Centre, it can be used to ensure help is on the scene within minutes of any potential break-in.

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