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CCTV to be given to Winchester traffic wardens

CCTV to be given to Winchester traffic wardens

CCTV cameras have become a familiar part of the modern city centre, as councils look to deter potential criminals.

However, the surveillance cameras are becoming more and more sophisticated and finding an increasing range of uses.

Now they will be used in Winchester to help protect traffic wardens in the city from being abused by angry motorists.

After a rise in the number of both physical and verbal attacks against the workers, the local council sought ways to offer them an added measure of protection and will now spend £500 equipping each warden with a small camera.

The tiny device will take the form of a video badge and be attached to their uniform's lapel.

Chiefs took the idea from neighbouring Eastleigh, where a similar operation to protect vulnerable traffic wardens has already shown some signs of success.

A Winchester City Council spokesman said: "It is for the officer's personal safety if a difficult situation arises. If the camera is switched on it clearly shows that a recording is in progress."

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