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Burglary hotspots revealed

Burglary hotspots revealed

There could be a huge difference in the chances that a home or business will be targeted by burglars depending on whereabouts in the UK it is located.

New research from MoneySupermarket has assessed nearly 3.5 million home insurance quotes made in the last two years to find the total number of claims per 1,000 enquiries.

The list was published in postcode format and LS13 in Leeds was found to be the area that has the most claims per enquiry at 34.8, closely followed by BD12 in Bradford (34.2) and N12 North Finchley, north London (31.9).

Conversely, some of the safest places in the UK were also identified.

Rounded down to one decimal place, there were 16 postcodes that achieved a score of 0.0, with SA9 in Swansea proving to be the very lowest.

Police advise that a host of security systems can help to lower the chances that a property will be targeted by criminals.

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